The college has a separate Sports and Physical Education centre. The Gymkhana building consists of an Office room for the Head of Physical Education which is both a record room and monitoring centre. The Multipurpose Gymnasium supports all types of indoor and outdoor sports like Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Boxing ,Chess, Carom , Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Kho – Kho , Volley ball, Football, Hockey and Athletics etc. The Gymkhana Hall contains facilities for Indoor Games such as weight lifting set, foam mats for wrestling, boxing set, chess and carom boards, table tennis and other equipments. Maximum number of students avail the sports facilities.

Outdoor Game Facilities - Outside the building, we have single bar and double bar sets for exercises. We also have Kabaddi, Kho – Kho ,Volley ball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Athletics grounds for regular practice and competitions.

The present infrastructure facilities enable students (both boys and girls) to take part in the following competitions at Intercollegiate, Inter Group and Inter University levels.

1. Kabaddi 2. Kho – Kho

3. Athletics 4. Hockey

5. Football 6. Cross – country

7. Table Tennis 8. Chess

9. Boxing 10. Weight Lifting

11. Wrestling 12. Basketball


P.T. Leaders’ camps, Intercollegiate and Zonal Sports Competitions, Compulsory P.T. Examinations for first year students are some of the regular activities of the Sports Department. The expertise coaching in specialized games and sports also help the students in enhancing their sports skills. With sufficient physical and infrastructural facilities, the department is capable of arranging Sports Competitions on Intercollegiate, Zonal and University Levels.