Best Practice 2019-20

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1) TITLE OF THE PRACTICE: “Rasiklal M Dhariwal Memorial General Knowledge Examination”


  • As a social responsibility to generate awareness and build up confidence about competitive examination amongst secondary standards’ students.
  • To enhance the knowledge of competitive examination in rural students.
  • To increase the interaction between high school teachers and college staff.
  • To encourage participation of 5th to 9th standard students so that they can easily face, state as well as national competitive examination.
  • To acquaint them with college campus, educational environment and various support services of our college.



C.T. Bora College is major source of higher education for the children from area in the affinity of Shirur, Shrigonda and Parner tahshil. To promote the awareness of higher education within rural students, college has conducted various activities amongst which, one of them is ‘Rasiklal M. Dhariwal Memorial General Knowledge Examination’. This examination had started in 1997. This competitive examination is sponsored by Shri. Prakashji Dariwal ( Chairman, Governing Council). During first three to six years, the numbers of students appearing for this examination was less but afterwards it increased day by day. The school college social coordination became strong due to this activity. It is an effort to create awareness among school going children about the competitive examination. This activity is available for the school student to visit college campus. Exam fee is only two rupees since institution wants every school going student to participate in this activity. This activity brings all school students on one platform to make them aware about facilities available to them in higher education at our college and to set educational aim for themselves.


The activity of this examination is institutions’ unique activity because such type of activity is run only by our Institution throughout SPPU region. This examination is conducted on Sunday before or after Swami Vivekananda’s birthday on occasion of “Yuva Saptaha.” All the schools from the vicinity and from the Shirur, Shrigonda and Parner tehsils are informed well in advance with the help of our college students. The unit cost of examination is Rs. 24/ per student but each student pays only Rs. 2/ in which question papers, refreshment and prize all are included. Since fee of this examination is only two rupees economically weak children can participate in this examination. This activity is arranged in to two groups, I from std. 5 to 7 and II – std. 8 and 9. Examination papers covers about eleven subjects in one paper viz. English, Science, Social Science, Current Affairs, Computer Science, Mathematics, Sports, IQ , Marathi, History and Civics. The multiple choice question paper containing of 100 questions is set separately for both groups. The supervision of examination, paper assessment and all other activities throughout day are conducted with the help of our senior college students. After the examination, the refreshment is provided to all the participants. The science popularization program (MEDA vehicle, solar van) is arranged for the view by participating student. Participants are shown college laboratories, library, science exhibition, cultural programme. During this they get guidance of various guests speakers working in different area. In the afternoon the result and prize distribution programme is arranged. Our college students get participation certificate for the examination work. EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS: Most of these students in future face various competitive examinations like UPSC, MPSC, TET, Army, Navy, Air force JEE GATE, banking, SET/NET, NEET, railway etc. after graduation or post-graduation and this examination can help them to crack such competitive examination. Those students who had appear for this C.T.B.C general Knowledge examination during their high school life, they are presently Class I, Class II post of state government and central government such as UPSC, IPS, MPSC, BANKING, Finance, Railway, Post office , Police, BSF etc. This is a unique examination in which conducting examination, assessment and results are done only within one-day programme. More than three thousand students along with their parents, teachers are present for this event. Student actively participated in this competition and get ideas of competitive examination at a early stage of education. PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED: Most of these participants come from different rural areas of the Shirur, Shrigonda, Parner tehsils therefore transport facility is a problem. The number of participants increasing day by day therefore, for conducting this examination sub centre can be arranged.


2) Title of the Practice My mother in my college (माझी आई माझ्या कॉलेजात) Objectives ‘My mother in my college’

(माझी आई माझ्या कॉलेजात)’ - is one of the unique activities conducted by college once in a year. To ascertain the parents about security specially the mothers of girl students Quality of education, empowerment, equity of their daughter in and out of college campus It supports women participation, encouragement, cooperation, higher education, positive attitude towards modern education, understanding their role in overall development of their child. To help mother to participate in development of their child, understand their self, cope with the modern world and creates ability of solving various problems.


The percentage of girl students is less in rural college due to several reason such as primitive thinking about education, early marriage etc. Therefore, in order to resolve such issues, it was necessary to create awareness among parents for the higher education of female students. The motive of this programme is to develop confidence among parents for their daughter’s safety, quality of education etc. All these motives were fulfilled by undertaking the programme ‘My mother in my college’ is to promote the thought ‘Where There Is A Will There Is A Way’. The communication or contact of parents with academic life of student and institute usually remains up to school level only. However, through this activity, parents can come in close contact with college life of their daughter. It enables parents to know their son or daughter progress and get familiar with his/her teachers and students friends. This programme promotes for developing the one to one relationship within mother and girl student so that they can fearlessly share their problems with them. Practice: ‘My mother in my college’ is regularly arranged from 1996. Generally this activity is one-day activity which is carried out in two sessions. The first session includes a welcome programme, introduction of aims and objectives of activity and keynote address. Then a lunch break is arranged for all mothers. Second session starts after lunch and it includes a visit of mothers to various departments, library, laboratory and other. Third session starts with a speech and finding remedies for various problems. In this session some mothers representatively expresses their vote of greeting. Finally programme ends with collecting feedback from mothers. Beside many activities and programme this is among the outstanding and unique program at our college. Mother is a life time mentor for girls who supports them for education and challenges in daily life. Hence institute organizes this program especially for girl’s mother. The main objective of this program is to make them aware about higher education system in college, facilities available for quality learning, future scope for higher education and to promote their girl child in education. It is benchmark of our college which is followed by other colleges. It brings out various positive changes among the parents and motivates them. It creates good understanding of higher education, importance of education, self-care good habits and health related issues to them. Teache r-parent conversation, finding remedies for problems being possible through this programme. Generally 300 to 500 mothers attend this program.

Some memories of last few years program Academic Year 2019-20. ‘My mother in my college” is a one day activity. The theme of this program was ‘while being conscious(जाणीव जागृती होताना ). Prin. Dr.Sushma Bhosale( famous writer, psychological Counselor ) inaugurated the program. Prin. Dr. Bhosale guided the mothers about their daughters as how to understand their problems with a care. She saiddaughter should be understand through emotional intelligence and emphasized that , there is need to change the attitude of people towards the birth of girl child. At the end of program participated mothers expressed their views. Anchoring of this program was done by Prof Manjusha Patil. Prof. Pushpa Pansare gave vote of thanks of this program . Principle of the college Dr.K.C.Mohite Sir guided the audience with his presidential speech.