The Library collection is developed keeping in mind the interests and needs of all its users. It contains general course related books, specialised books, general reference books, special subject oriented reference books, rare collections, audio-cassettes, videocassettes, Audio and Video CDs, e-book CDs, e-journals (in print form). The collection comprises of books in English, Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit language. Majority of the famous literary works by the Indian and foreign eminent authors are added in the collection. The periodical collection is also divided into general and subject related periodicals.

Since 2010, the college library is a subscriber of INFLIBNET’s N-LIST Programme through which e-resources can be accessed of renowned Publishers like Cambridge, Elsevier, Springer, Oxford, Academic Press etc. It provides access to peer-reviewed journal articles of all subjects with a special collection of Scientific Journals. Downloading of ebooks is also provided.




§ Senior College : 62650

§ Books purchased under UGC Grants : 20205

§ Junior College Books : 11685

§ MCVC : 857




  • · TOTAL NO. OF TITLES : 68321



    · TOTAL NO. OF E-JOURNALS : 6150+

    · E-books accessible through N-LIST : 31,64,309+

    · BOUND VOLUMES : 1242


    · NO. OF CDs : 650

    · Newspapers : 09


Rare Books, Annual Reports and Knowledge Resources for Library Enrichment:

The College library has a very good collection of rare books dating back to 1902. Most of the rare books are in Sanskrit, Marathi and English. Some of the titles are Plato, Sankshipt Mahabharat, Prachin Charitrakosh, Maharashtriya Dynankosh, Hindu Dharma Shikshan, Epigraphia Indica etc. These rare books are maintained specially and binding of these books is done as and when required. Although these books are not under circulation but users can access these books on I-Card in the Library.

Rare Collection of Annual Reports on Indian Epigraphy (1887-1998) published by Archaeological Survey of India is available in the Library.

The library has plans to digitize these collections and put it on the library website so that the knowledge in these books can reach to all without any limitations of location and time.

The library also has an extensive collection of reference sources like Encyclopedia Britannica, Dictionaries, Biographies etc. Other than the old and new edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, the library also has Special Encyclopedia and Dictionaries like Itihas Shastra kosh, Manasshastra Kosh, Arthashastra Kosh, Aitihasik Shabdkosh, Sarita Kosh etc.


The Rare Book Society of India

The College Library has joined the open virtual platform of rare digitised collection of books, paintings, artefacts, sculptures, artefacts, articles, essays, videos which are under open access and can be freely downloaded for teaching and research purposes.


Muktabodh Digital Library of Muktabodh Indological Research Institute:

Muktabodh Digital Library is a project of the Muktabodh Indological Research Institute to preserve endangered texts from the religious and philosophical traditions of classical India and make them accessible for study and scholarship worldwide. It consists of three separate collections namely:

1. i. Vedic Manuscripts of Gokarna Collection (open access and freely downloadable PDF files)

2. ii. An on-line searchable digital library of rare Sanskrit texts, initially focused on Kashmir Shaivism, then broadening to Trika-Kaula, Saiva-Siddhanta, Pancaratra, Natha Yoga and other tantric works. (open access and freely downloadable PDF files)

3. iii. The Paper Transcripts of the French Institute of Pondicherry. (Registration required)


Journal/Periodical Holding:

The College Library Subscribes Journals/ Periodicals related to the various subjects taught in the college and on demand lists received from the Faculty Members. Their are some general reading magazines also. Each academic year the journals are renewed and new journals are added as per the requisitions received from the teachers/students and final approval of the Principal.

The Subject wise List of Journals subscribed by the College Library is as follows :
Subject: Marathi

  1. 1. ललित

    2. सत्याग्रही विचारधारा

    3. महाराष्ट्र साहित्य पत्रिका

    4. मेहता मराठी ग्रंथ जगत

    5. समाज प्रबोधन पत्रिका

    6. साधना

Subject: Hindi

  1. १. आजकल
  2. २. हंस
  3. ३. मधुमती

Subject: English

  1. 1. Littcrit

    2. Asian Quarterly

Subject: Economics

  1. 1. Yojana
  2. 2. Economic Challenger

Subject: Commerce

  1. 1. The Chartered Accountant
  2. 2. Business Strategy
  3. 3. Journal of Commerce & Management Thoughts
  4. 4. Business Today
  5. 5. उद्योजक
  6. 6. वाणिज्य विश्व
  7. 7. संपदा

Subject: Psychology

  1. 1. Psycho lingua

    2. शिक्षण आणि समाज

    3. शिक्षण संक्रमण (Jr. College)

    4. शिक्षण संक्रमण (MCVC)

    5. शिक्षण समीक्षा 

  2. 6. fopkj 'kykdk

    7. ijke’kZ

Subject: History

  1. 1. The Quarterly Review of Historical Studies
  2. 2. संशोधक
  3. 3. भारतीय इतिहास आणि संस्कृती

Subject: Geography

  1. 1. National Geographic

Subject: Botany

  1. 1. Indian Farming
  2. 2. Indian Horticulture
  3. 3. Advances in Pharmacology & Toxicology
  4. 4. गोडवा शेतीचा

Subject: Physics

  1. 1. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
  2. 2. Current Science
  3. 3. Electronics For You

Subject: Chemistry

  1. 1. Indian Journal of Chemistry 

Subject: Computer Science

  1. 1. Digit
  2. 2. Open Source for You

General Periodicals/Magazines

  1. 1. University News
  2. 2. सैनिक समाचार
  3. 3. मराठी विज्ञान परिषद पत्रिका