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Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc:

The institution has made adequate arrangements for the maintenance and upkeep of the college infrastructure. The authority ensures that enough funds are allocated and then utilized for the maintenance. The established systems and procedures for maintaining physical, academic and support facilities are in the following manner-


  • Need and justification

  • Demand

  • Sanction & Inviting Quotations
  • Comparison chart of Quotations, Purchase Committee Meeting
  • Placing of Purchase order
  • Verification of the received order against the Placed Order, Testing of the equipment (if necessary) , Work completion report from internal expert
  • Stock register entry , Hand over to concerned person for taking responsibility
  • Payment

The overall college maintenance work is taken care by the regular appointed Class-IV staff. Wherever required, Class-III Technical Staff takes charge of the Maintenance work. Generally Major maintenance work is done by authentic outdoor agencies on hiring.

Maintenance involves manifold activities –

    The College campus has 24 hrs. CCTV surveillance.
  • The whole campus area is enclosed by a compound wall. Security guards are appointed for round the clock vigil of the campus. The college has appointed as a care-taker of the vehicle parking area.
  • For minor repairing of furniture, plumbing system and electrical appliances, the college has its skilled menial staff. For major repairs and rectification, outside technicians are hired on contract basis.
  • The maintenance of computers is done by skilled menial staff. The maintenance of scientific equipment and computers is done by manufacturers or agencies under “Annual Maintenance Contract” and break down calls.
  • Regular cleaning of classrooms, laboratories, floors, staircases and the ground is assigned to menial staff. The cleaning of sanitation blocks is already assigned to contractual service persons.
  • The site of campus and entrance is made attractive by a well-designed garden plan. A special Committee for Campus Development assisted by students under “Earn while Learn” scheme take care of the garden.
  • UPS is maintained under AMC by Vihaan Sales, Pune
  • Proper arrangement for drinking water is available in the college campus (R.O. purified drinking water) is maintained under AMC by Varad water Shirur, Pune.
  • Electrification system is maintained under AMC by Balaji electrical, Shirur. Every member of the college considers the maintenance of college campus as an important part of his/her moral duty

Maintenance of Laboratories:

Proper maintenance of equipment is important to avoid laboratory contamination, hazards and to take care of the safety of people working in it. Maintenance is generally one of the most expensive operating costs in the laboratory budget.

  • To keep the instruments in working condition, maintenance and servicing is done by Laboratory Assistants and Laboratory Attendants.
  • Stock taking of equipments is done at the end of every academic year.

Computer Laboratories:

The maintenance of computer laboratory is carried out in the following manner:

  • Cleaning the computer lab regularly by the peons. Dusting is done by vacuum cleaner.
  • Software installation is done as per the requirements of the departments. Machines are formatted and installed or updated with operating system, antivirus and other software timely by the teaching staff and lab assistant.
  • The basic hardware repairing and maintenance is done by the staff and major repairing of computer machine is outsourced. The UPS battery backup system AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) is given to the Manufacture/supplier of the Unit.
  • To keep the instruments in working condition, maintenance and servicing is done by Laboratory Assistants and Laboratory Attendants.
  • Stock taking of equipments is done at the end of every academic year.

Maintenance for sports complex :

  • The running track and overall maintenance of the Gymnasium Complex is done by Class-IV staff allotted to the Gymnasium.
  • In some cases minor repair work of indoor stadium done by technical staff of our college.
  • Ground surface cleaning done regularly by peons and students from „Earn While Learn‟ scheme from our college students

Maintenance of library:

  • Use of appropriate chemicals is done to protect books from bookworms, silverfish, white ant, termites and cockroaches.
  • For maintenance of library collection, closed access is used. Open access is practiced only for postgraduate, research student and teachers.
  • Yearly binding of books is done. Minor maintenance of books like pasting of pages etc. is done in the library itself. For books in very bad condition, special cloth binding or leather binding is done by outsourcing.
  • Library is under 24hrs CCTV Surveillance.
  • Vriddhi Software AMC is done with Hindustan Computers, Malegaon.
  • The RISO Photocopier Machine is maintained under AMC by Centurian Marketing, Ahmednagar.
  • Library UPS is maintained under AMC by Vihaan Sales, Pune

Utilization of Physical, Academic and Support facilities

  • The physical facilities including Laboratories, Classrooms and Computers etc. are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college.
  • The students seek admission to desired courses including a laboratory curriculum they are charged for the laboratory expenses at the time of the admission as suggested by the statutory body in addition to that a non-salary grants are allocated for the maintenance of the laboratories and the classrooms which a part of the teaching and the learning processes. The classrooms boards and furniture facilities are utilized regularly by the students. The maintenance and the cleaning of the classrooms and the laboratories are done with the efforts of the non-teaching staff.
  • Laboratories: College has 19 well equipped Science laboratories to make Science interesting and effective for students and to encourage them to make significant contribution in various fields. Other faculty students also using laboratories by proper permission to their difficulties and concept thoroughly.
  • Research laboratories facilitate to outsiders/farmers for soil testing and water testing.
  • The college has adequate number of the computers with internet connections and the utility software‟s distributed in different locales like office, laboratories, library, departments etc. All the stakeholders have equal opportunity to use those facilities as per the rules and the policies of the institution.
  • All computer laboratories are connected in LAN open for the students as time permits them.
  • The office computers which are also connected through the LAN are consisting of the office software making work easier and systematic.
  • The library is also provided LAN facility for the computers and they are loaded with the library software. The departments and the staff can make use of the computer system with internet facility.
  • The college website has maintained regularly by AMC with Dimakh Consultant, Pune.
  • The academic support facilities like library, the sports and the other platforms supporting overall development of the students like Competitive examination cell etc. is open for stakeholders in the surrounding with prior permission of the authority
  • Accession to library is permitted at the cost of the deposits as caution money. A provision of the budget for the library maintenance is made by the college management. The activities like fumigation and keeping library clean is done frequently by library staff.
  • A competitive examination is established by the college, which supports the students preparing them for competitive exam and motivate them for debate competition etc. The maintenance of this department done with the nominal membership fees.
  • The sport department of the college is meritorious and some credit defiantly goes to the adequate infrastructure of this department consisting of the Indoor Hall and the 400 meter running track which can be used by student staff and the local community out of which the outsiders are made to spend some fees for using the synthetic court of indoor stadium at the cost of some maintenance of that facility is done with the help of the staff. The running track and the outdoor facilities are free to use for all the stakeholders. Ground is also used by NCC cadets for parades as per their schedule. Ground surface area cleaned and maintained with the help of NCC and NSS students.
  • Sports Complex: For smooth and proper utilization of the ground and multipurpose gymnasium hall there are some rules and regulations by college authority. For college alumni and outsider member taking some charge against maintenance.
  • The college garden is maintained by the gardener appointed by the institute and the students from earn while learn students.
  • Bicycle and motorcycle parking typically requires a degree of security to prevent theft. College has covered parking areas with security.
  • College and premises control and monitor by guards hired by security agencies.
  • Canteen facility is a supplementary system that is provided by organizations for their employees and students. The College Canteen has been functioning efficiently to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food. The canteen is located inside the College. The students, who come from faraway places, start their journey to the College early in the morning use canteen facility for their breakfast and evening tea with snacks.